Scalable Next Generation CAD & Mobile Solution

The iNet Public Safety solution truly is the next step in technology. With the ability to run from an internet browser (IE, Firefox,Chrome...) and NO need to pre-install any software, you'll be able to dispatch immediately from ANY authorized computer whether it be at your PSAP, EOC or in the field. All you need is a network connection (WiFi, cell, satellite etc). With existing sites of from 1 to 186 CAD stations, the iNet solution has proven scalability and performance. The ability to run in an internet browser (NO workstation installation!) and scale to very large sites makes the iNet solution a perfect choice for country, state/province wide deployments to small single position sites.

Affordable Public Safety Technology

Our software truly is affordable. In many cases we can provide you with the next generation of technology for less than what you're paying your existing vendor for yearly support and maintenance of your current software.

Fully installed on your site or have us host it for you.

Purchase outrightor pay a service subscription. It's your choice.


On-Premise Installation or Cloud

You can choose whether to have the complete iNet solution installed at your premise or to access the solution in the Cloud. iNet Public Safety products have been created from the gound up with these possibilities in mind and without the cost structure thats inherent in the older technology still being sold today. Contact us to discuss how truly simple to implement this can be.

News to April 2016. Call Us for the latest!

April 2016

Fayette County Alabama 911 chooses iNetCAD for its 911 call centre.

More News December 2015

Taber Alberta goes live with iNetCAD and iNetMobile for its regional 911 centre.

More News October 2015

Wheatland Regional 911 Dispatch Centre selects and goes live with iNetCAD in the Cloud for its 911 Centre.

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Customer Highlights

Mercy Hospital EMS Center chooses iNet Public Safety

Mercy Hospital EMS Dispatch Center chooses iNetCAD & INetMobile for Mercy's EMS Dispatch Center. The solution provides Mercy with a geo-dispersed solution supporting 10 calltakers/dispatchers and 70+ vehicles, operating from different states, with a next generation, fully integrated CAD & In-Field Mobile solution. The iNet solution also includes ProQA and 2 dispatch positions operating from a Mobile Command  vehicle. 

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AT&T selects iNet Public Safety for 7, 911 Centers in St Louis, MO area

Chosen for its easy deployment and ease of use as well as its cost-effectiveness, the solution consists of iNetALI hosted at one 911 center but used by all 7 of the individual 911 centers. 

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